Is Metal-ness Next to Godliness?

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Today in Potosi, Bolivia, the highest city in the world at  14,320 feet, I came across a flyer posted on a wall as I sauntered thru the ville around lunchtime, looking for something to do. It was for a Metallica cover band that jams locally, for a show that already happened in April this year. Maybe I was delusional from lack of sleep (13 hour overnight bus ride from La Paz) and oxygen at these heights (even combing my beard left me smoked) plus not having eaten in 24 hours (though this will soon be remedied by a large calabresa pizza, I wager), but a few things occurred to me right as I laid eyes upon the flyer. So true were these  in the final analysis, in fact, that a logistician might say they were a tautological consequence. First, this is the highest city in the world with a metal flyer posted in it. That means metal is therefore above everything else, sitting above the heap of other musical genres in a celestial throne here high above cloud level in the Andean altiplano. Second, it means metal is the music closest to God. You can just see the Bolivian Metallica cover band stretching its metaphorical hand skyward and going, “C´mon dude, just take it!” Third and finally, this shows that Bolivians have fine tastes.


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