Intra-Generational Metal: A Younger Crop Pays Respects to its Elders and Avoids Being Beaten for Unfilial Conduct

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A few moments ago, I received an e-mail from a kid in the Washington, DC area who’s a fan of my old band Witch Hunt’s music. We were active when he was barely a first grader in the early-to-mid 1990s, but all the same he’s a metal fan with a taste for the “classic” and discovered our stuff through trial-and-error online. He has his own band now, and I told him I’d go to see them play soon. And here is what he wrote to me today, amazingly and absolutely unexpectedly, which illustrates how our small garage band somehow created a legacy far out-sizing our actual accomplishments:

“Just thought that you would like to know that my friend tried to buy your ‘Darkened Salvation’ demo from a mail-order Swedish distributor. After he sent for it, he received a letter telling him that it was out of stock [author’s note: I’d like to think this means we finally sold out of something]. He found another one for $20 plus another $20 for shipping but isn’t sure if that is what he should spend $40 bucks for, but he is really debating it. I was wondering if you have a physical copy or any mp3’s of the ‘Darkened Salvation’ demo or the first three demos that came before it. I know a couple guys that would go crazy for those; especially since you can’t hear any of it you YouTube. I told that same guy thst you might come to the show and he was psyched.”

Is it cliche to say it’s an honor? Then I’ll be cliche: it’s a f***ing honor to be remembered. When me and my bro Ben did our first show as Witch Hunt in October 1992, until four years later when I played my last gig with the band in October 1996, it never occurred to me that moving into the second decade of the new millennium people would still be trying to get hold of our material, much less being “psyched” about anything related to us.

Attached is the flyer for that first show in October 1992, when it was still just Ben and I, before the arrival of Erik Sayenga (who later went on to play for Dying Fetus and Warthrone) to fill out our lineup in 1994. Also, here’s a photo of the cover of the “Darkened Salvation” demo to which the kid in the e-mail was referring. And finally, a photo of me, Erik, and Ben the last time we played together as the “classic” lineup in June 1995, before Ben moved to North Carolina with my parents; and a photo of Ben behind the kit blasting away at that gig. Raise the horns, little bro: in our own small way, WE DID IT, and we did it our way without bending our knee. No compromise. Forever METAL.



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