About Diplometal


The author is currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he arrived in October 2013 to begin a two-year work assignment. He has also resided in Mexico, Colombia, Iraq, China, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Japan, along with parts of the United States including Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. Along this swaggering pathway to global bad-assery, he’s traveled  chunks of the Americas plus wee additional bits of the Middle East, East Asia, and Western Europe. He’s an avid reader and documentary film fanatic, though more specific to this blog, let it be known he’s an unwavering fan of all things heavy metal, brandishing a particularly blazing torch for classic era death metal. Along with his brother, the author is a founding member of the Virginia-based melodic death metal band Witch Hunt, which released a spate of independent demos (most notably Darkened Salvation in 1994) and two CDs through Mexico’s X-Rated Records (Prophecies of a Great Plague in 1996 and Souls Enshroud Fire in 2000), all of which earned the band acclaim in fanzines and radio programs in over 40 countries. This blog marks his first “serious” literary endeavor, though he did once publish a short piece for BBC about beating up another kid in high school, plus two short concert reviews in America’s finest extreme music monthly, Decibel Magazine.


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